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Mark 11:24

“Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.”

  1. Prayers of Thanks! Thank you all for your consistent prayers!

    • John and Jana's fast healing from Covid

    • Bro.Pastor Ruel's brother Raymond in Dubai is free from Covid – thank you all for your prayers!

    • Answered unspoken, silent prayers

    • God's daily lessons and mercy

    • God's daily provisions - Physically, Mentally and Spiritually

  2. New Requests:

    • Loss of Dr. Portugal Feb 19th - please pray for peace, comfort and healing for his family

    • Unspoken, silent prayers

    • Praying for good participation in our church’s game night

    • Keiko-san's daughter-in-law who is a doctor is sick and overworked and cannot work for a month -due to Covid. Please pray for fast healing.

    • People in Texas that are impacted by the storm with no power/water

  3. For our Seniors:

    • Our seniors and their protection from falls and Covid

    • Jay P for his aging mother's physical and mental endurance

    • Sister Sybil and her health

  4. For Loss:

    • Our brother Ruben Penaflorida. Please continue to pray for his family and friends

    • Wellington's friend Mercedes who was in stage 4 cancer has passed...Please continue to pray for Mercedes family

    • Doris Clark’s passing. Please continue to pray for her family as they go through this difficult time

  5. For Health Issues:

    • Evelyn’s brother Amorlito Alvarez is being treated for TB so please continue to pray for him.

    • Jeff's boss Lou's condition is failing - please pray for him and his family

    • Chuck's sister-in-law Sandy's health situation

    • Wellington's friend Manuel with schizophrenia in the Philippines

    • Dorcas' nephew's mother-in-law Nitz Rinoza who has stage 4 cancer with less than a year to live - please pray for her for healing and her familyCherry's continued health and safety for her son at school during outbreak

    • Rosa and her healing after her fall and protection
    • Eriko and her health and family

    • Diane's arm fast healing) and interviews

    • There are a couple of members suffering from depression and anxiety

  6. For Covid-Related:

    • Sister Ruth during this new lockdown and work situation

    • Ursula's daughter and son-in-law who contracted Covid​
    • Yoshiko’s parents as they struggle in their depression and isolation due to COVID-19
    • Keiko'san (Shimizu)'s niece in Okinawa who contracted Covid and having a difficult time

    • Glenda's workplace safety from Covid

    • Our youth and dealing with being separated during this Covid crisis

    • Reza for protection of his health as he serves the public

    • Protection for those in Dallas (Corpus Christie) who are hit severely with Covid:

      1. Sister Joselyn

      2. Peter

      3. Carlos’ brother Art's continued recovery

  7. For Miscellaneous Requests:

    • Minori as she is going through a difficult time

    • Jun’s continued process for PR visa

    • Sister Ruth is looking for someone to rent her room again. Please pray she can find someone soon

    • Jysel's currently in the Philippines and asking for prayers for positive results and success with her college applications in the US, especially for MIT Early Action

    • Those dealing with financial and job-related struggles

    • Jan find a room for her son (please let me know if you know anyone that has a room)

    • David J for guidance and peace in his situation

    • Akiko, Masami, Mie and Ryo back in Japan and their continued spiritual journey

    • Students away at school

  8. For the Church and Ministries:

    • Outreach initiatives

    • Completion of Pastor’s Visa situation

    • Meetups planning and participation

    • And please each of you pray for the conviction of the Holy Spirit in your lives

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