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Mark 11:24

“Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.”

Prayer Requests:
Please continue to pray and provide updates so we can keep this up-to-date

  1. Prayers of Thanks!

    1. Being able to distribute flyers for the DRPP

    2. For all our visitors! Praying they feel God’s presence and build their relationship with Christ

    3. God's daily provisions – Physically, Mentally and Spiritually

    4. God's daily lessons and mercy

  2. New & Timely Requests:

    1. Tim Aka – Started his chemotherapy – photo from Facebook attached. Please continue to pray for his healing and for Sharon and kids and family as they go through this process with prayers for all the doctors and nurses who are taking care of him.

    2. Weekly planning for our Depression Recovery and Prevention Workshop and pray those who need help or want to help others come and people are lead to Christ through this program and works on their mental health. 

    3. Marcia – a visitor to our Lunch & Learn. For her protection and to glorify God in her home and healing for her brother.

    4. Spencer (Marcia) – a friend of Marcia’s for God’s strength and His strong hold on her

    5. Put God first and be filled with Jesus

    6. Unspoken, silent prayers for health, work situations, money situations, relationship situations. safety and stronger faith in Him

  3. Church Initiatives:

    1. The Lord’s plans for 2024 with the list of initiatives to do His will

    2. Prayers for family members and friends who have not accepted Christ yet – please pray for and effective 2024 to reach them and for them to join the Bible studies.

    3. Please pray for revival for this church to come together to serve Him.

    4. To become a lighthouse
    5. Bible studies, evangelism, event planning, mission trip

    6. To encourage all members to be able to share and participate

    7. Pray for the conviction of the Holy Spirit in your lives

  4. For Loss:

    1. Those who lost loved ones and continue to feel the loneliness and loss

  5. For Health Issues:

    1. Cecil’s friend Victoria Villarosa Iscat who is in Stage 4 of her lung cancer. Please pray for her and her family and the medical staff caring for her. If it’s God’s will to glorify Him through this difficult time and give them peace that only He can give.

    2. Please continue to pray for sister Regie’s  healing

    3. Eriko-san’s– please continue praying for thanks for healing and continued healing for the rest of her cancer to be removed and peace and sup port for her family.

    4. Evelyn and Bruno as things constantly are changing – for wisdom and all the support they need.

    5. Daryl – To continue healing and getting strong and healthy.

    6. One of Jeff’s long-time best-friend Kevin in Rhode Island who’s health is declining

    7. Masoud’s friend with her health and test results

    8. Chuck’s brother-in-law Willy who is in stage 3 cancer – doing better but still needs your prayers.

    9. George and Rosa’s condition after their stroke for healing and strength. And Alan and Nao as they take care of their parents.

    10. Pastor Hirota as he goes through his chemotherapy and his wife Yumiko-san's mother and brother

    11. Chuck's sister-in-law Sandy's health situation

    12. There are a couple of members suffering from depression and anxiety

  6. For Covid-Related:

    1. Glenda's workplace safety from Covid

  7. For our Seniors:

    1. Japanese-Speaking Senior Outreach programs

    2. Our seniors who are having degrading memory issues, protection from falls and illness

    3. Sister Sybil and her health

  8. For Other Requests:

    1. All those affected with all the natural disasters around the world – Libya, Morocco, China, Canada and US Wildfires, hurricanes, floods

    2. All those impacted by the wars – so much fear and hate – please pray we take our eyes off the politics and focus on helping those in need.

    3. Our brother looking for work in the area of Physical Therapist. He also has experience in Customer Service and also is a Junior Web Developer and would like everyone to pray for doors to open for him.

    4. Prayers for Cecil’s parents who are in the Philippines – for their health and safety – returning in April.

    5. Please continue praying for our youths who are away from home and those at home studying for safety and focus.

    6. Please pray for Lesa and her son Nathan. Please pray for his mental health as he has been having struggles through the past years of covid and pray they will make it to our church.

    7. Jana’s son Anthony as he goes through struggles – please pray that he would be open to hear how much God loves him and there’s hope

    8. Masoud – his situation and his family and friends back home for safety and to be able to all come to settle here and pray for the unrest in Iran and those impacted.

    9. Those many we prayed for at the shelter run, especially Sam. Please pray that they remember what we said and are convicted by the Holy Spirit.

    10. Those dealing with financial and job-related struggles

    11. Akiko, Masami, Mie, Minori and Ryo back in Japan and their continued spiritual journey

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