1. Prayers of Thanks! Thank you all for your consistent prayers!

    • God's daily lessons and mercy

    • God's daily provisions - Physically, Mentally and Spiritually

  2. New Requests:

    • Pastor and family's papers are getting into the critical stage - everyone please pray so they can resolve their visa issues

    • Healing for our brother John

    • Sister Ruth during this new lockdown and work situation

    • Chuck's sister-in-law Sandy's health situation

    • Wellington's friend Mercedes in stage 4 cancer - please pray for her and her family

    • Senen's Co-worker Alma Espiritu tested positive for Covid. Please pray for her and her, husband James Espiritu and 2 children

    • Sister Ruth is looking for someone to rent her room again. Please pray she can find someone soon

    • Dorcas' nephew's mother-in-law Nitz Rinoza who has stage 4 cancer with less than a year to live - please pray for her for healing and her family

    • Wellington's friend Manuel with schizophrenia in Philippines and his sister Mercedes with advanced cancer

    • Jun's next tests Jan 14th & 28th - pray for continued healing and positive result

  3. For our Seniors:

    • Our seniors and their protection from falls and Covid

    • Jay P for his aging mother's physical and mental endurance

    • Sister Sybil and her health

    • Mr. & Mrs. Takeuchi – their back pains

  4. For Loss:

    • Those who lost loved ones and feel the loneliness

  5. For Health Issues:

    • Our brother Ruben Penaflorida who suffered a stroke - please pray for him and his family

    • Cherry's continued health and safety for her son at school during outbreak

    • Rosa and her healing after her fall and protection

    • Evelyn’s brother Amorlito Alvarez and their families as he goes through cancer treatments

    • Eriko and her health and family

    • Jeff's boss Lou for spiritual discernment and healing from his Stage 4 prostate cancer

    • Diane's arm fast healing) and interviews
    • There are a couple of members suffering from depression and anxiety

  6. For Covid-Related:

    • Manabat family who contracted Covid

    • Ursula's daughter and son-in-law who contracted Covid​

    • Carlos’ sister Sandra  who is a front-line worker who received the vaccine – for no side affects

    • Yoshiko’s parents as they struggle in their depression and isolation due to COVID-19

    • Keiko'san (Shimizu)'s niece in Okinawa who contracted Covid and having a difficult time

    • Glenda's workplace safety from Covid

    • Our youth and dealing with being separated during this Covid crisis

    • Reza for protection of his health as he serves the public

    • Protection for those in Dallas (Corpus Christie) who are hit severely with Covid:

      1. Sister Joselyn

      2. Peter

      3. Carlos’ brother Art's continued recovery

  7. For Miscellaneous Requests:

    • Philippines Typhoon and families impacted​

    • Jysel's currently in the Philippines and asking for prayers for positive results and success with her college applications in the US, especially for MIT Early Action

    • Those dealing with financial and job-related struggles

    • Jan find a room for her son (please let me know if you know anyone that has a room)

    • David J for guidance and peace in his situation

    • Akiko, Masami and Ryo back in Japan and their continued spiritual journey

    • Students away at school

  8. For the Church and Ministries:

    • Outreach initiatives

    • Meetups planning and participation

    • And please each of you pray for the conviction of the Holy Spirit in your lives


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